Jorge Menezes was born in Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina He began playing guitar at the age of 13. He graduated as a Guitar teacher at Morón's Conservatory of Music "Alberto Ginastera"

Jorge's compositions and arrangements show the influences of jazz, flamenco guitar music and contemporary harmony
In 2006

In 2006, he released his first CD named "tangos...tangarulos"

In 2012, he began recording his second CD called "Alondra"

which featured his own works as well as his own arrangements of classical tangos Currently, he is working on his third CD which will consist entirely of his own works in solos, duos and trios


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Tangos...Tangarulos (2006)

1- Al cangrejo (jorge menezes)
2- El ultimo cafe (Stamponi - Expósito)
3- Milongula (jorge menezes)
4- Cafetin de buenos aires (Mores - Discépolo)
5- Pedro y pedro (A. Piazzolla)
6- Tangarulo (*) (jorge menezes)
7- En mi vals yo me ire a naufragar (jorge menezes)
8- Milonga sentimental (Troilo - Manzi)
9- Maria (Troilo - Castillo)
10- Rawson (A. Arolas)
11- Garua (Troilo - Cadícamo)
12- Si yo tendria el corazon (jorge menezes)
13- Mi buenos aires querido (Gardel - Le Pera)
14- Cuando ladran los fantasmas(**) -BONUS TRACK- (Jorge Menezes)

(*) With Ignacio Nicolao (guitar)
(**) With María Teresa Ugarte (flute)

Recorded in February and August 2006 in Heterogénea Studio by Juan Ignacio Serrano and Guillermo Beresñak. Mastered by Juan I. Serrano

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download the bonus track (Click here)

Alondra (2012)

1- Alondra (Jorge Menezes)
2- The ñu milonga proyect (*) (J. Menezes)
3- Pequeña (O. Maderna - H. Expósito)
4- Con Perón y con Evita (J. Menezes)
5- Chafé milonga (J. Menezes)
6- Palomita blanca (*)(A. Aieta - F. García G.)
7- Alondra gris (J. Menezes)
8- Tuffarse di testa (J. Menezes)
9- Flor de lino (H. Stamponi - H. Expósito)
10- Derecho viejo (E. Arolas)
11- Vuelve a la querencia (*) (J. Menezes)
12- El esquinazo (A. Villoldo)
13- Al viento (J. Menezes)
14- Milonga de Anha (J. Menezes)
15- Al perfumado nardo (J. Menezes)
16- El porteñito (*) (Á. Villoldo)

(*) With Ricardo Chazarreta (guitar)

Recorded on 1st, 3rd, 24th and 31st March 2012 in Bunker Studio by Matías Javier Castro and mastered in Studio Rec by Nicolás Persig

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Guitar Solo

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